Sports Consulting

  • Property purchase and event analysis

  • Sports Project Management

  • Creation of Motorsport Teams

  • Negotiations with Clubs and Sports Entities

  • Financial management

  • Project Pricing and Sports Properties

  • Sponsorship Prospecting

  • Creation of Commercial Proposals

  • Commercial Team Outsourcing

  • After Sales Reports

  • Press office

  • Career Management

  • Creation and Management of Websites and Social Networks

  • Analysis and drafting of contracts

Sports Experiences and Activations

  • Purchase of Tickets and Sports Hospitalities

  • Organization of Corporate Boxes

  • Relationship Travel

  • Hotel and Ticket Reservations

  • City Tours

  • Transfers

  • Planning and Administration

  • Hiring of Promoters

  • Promotional Logistics

  • Quick Turn Actions

  • Show Car Exhibitions

  • Views

  • Product Launches

  • Press conferences

Sponsorships and Projects

Choosing the Best Investment Sport

Valuation, Negotiation and Management

Business proposals

Project Creation

Power Point Presentations

Sports Incentive Law

Partners and Cross Marketing

Sponsorship of Athletes and Ambassadors

Measurement and Analysis

Metrics and KPI Tools

Media Return

3D Layouts and Visual Communication

  • Visual Identity Creation

  • 3D Layouts Creation

  • Creation of Promotional Material

  • Creation of advertisements

  • Logos Creation

  • Creating Perspectives in 3D




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